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The UAE Prime Minister Mohammed bin Zayed went to Ankara where he met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in atmosphere described by both sides as positive and fraternal.
Although the move was seen as a sudden turn for Abu Dhabi, observers of the changes in the Middle East can read the details of the causes that led to it.
13/12/2021 Free Readings Region: Middle East Topic: Various
Tehran is currently on the cusp of the final stage of converting enriched uranium from an energy project to a nuclear bomb project. It is a fact that there have been many warnings over the past 10 years, mainly from Tel Aviv, and recent reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency confirm these Israeli fears. We can say that we are facing a hot or nuclear winter.
15/09/2021 Free Readings Region: Middle East Topic: Various
The impact the AKP Party had over Turkey when it took over power is seen in this country's foreign policy. The decisions taken by the political party were significant, when it came to foreign relations, especially those involving major international players, such as the USA, Russia, the UN, NATO and the EU.
11/08/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Various
Professor Selçuk COLAKOĞLU
The multitude and diversity of the new military conflicts that have captured the international scene in recent years have produced strong reverberations over the way Turkey foreign policy has been built. In an unstable geopolitical context, with increasingly strong and visible tensions in the international arena, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s election as President of the Republic of Turkey was a turning point, offering new meanings to the security strategy.
30/05/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Various
Dr. Mohammed Issam LAAROUSSI
Since the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), new measures and policies has been deployed in the North Africa and Mediterranean region in hasty efforts to save lives and have the pandemic under control, and at the same time save economies and prepare for recovery. This global public health emergency is requiring a global response with far reaching consequences for economic, social and political lives.
The American and European countries as well have faced the most unprecedented health crisis in modern time; therefore, they were also scrambling for ways to limit the impact of such an unseen and widespread pandemic in modern days. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 87 states – both authoritarian and established democracies – have declared emergencies enforcing laws to curb the spread of the virus, which sometimes implies derogations from international human rights conventions.
In this paper, we aim to focus on Morocco`s and Turkish experiences in dealing with the pandemic.
10/05/2021 Free Readings Region: Mediterranean Sea Topic: Various
Professor Chris ALDEN
The development and modernization of the countries in Africa has always been a priority for BRICS countries and their African counterparts. Given the significant degree of economic dependency and high levels of poverty at independence, the development of countries in Africa has been largely been intertwined with the relationship with the former colonial powers. The rise of leading emerging economies like China and India have had made a strong impression on Africans, both for their direct influence on African economies but also for the ideas and models of development.
28/04/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
Dr. Chester CABALZA
Populist Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte, almost at the twilight of his regime as he exits his presidency on June 2022, espoused a blurry ‘independent foreign policy’ as the chief architect of the Southeast Asian state.
19/04/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
Ambassador Professor Dumitru CHICAN
For the past decade the world faced a series of crises more or less dramatic, which had in common their unpredictability, shocking occurrence, and lack of ability or interest in being foreseen and anticipated as far as prevention was concerned.
04/04/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
Robert ADAM
Politically speaking, the rhetoric of populism triumphs, in a world where the threat is global, is indicative of the rise of political populist movements. Such narrative existed and will continue to exist independent from the nature and size of threat.
26/03/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
The Australian Government has a long history of capacity building initiatives across the Indo-Pacific region with the objective to sustain the sovereignty, stability, security and prosperity of the region. The initiatives are delivered through aid programs, defence cooperation programs, medical and health projects, academic and professional exchange programs etc.
25/03/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
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