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Monika Hohlmeier
Faced with new challenge represented by the need to manage the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing pressure of the Eurosceptic populist movements, the European Union was forced to provide both an immediate response, which could reflect the ability of the Member States to act according to the principle of solidarity and a medium term solution as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for the years 2021 to 2027, a solution reflecting the vision of the 27 member states on the future of the European construct.
22/01/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
The present synthesis highlights a number of new features of the international relations system and reveals restrictive measures taken by both developed and developing/emerging countries in the field of foreign direct investment , before the COVID-19 pandemic and also under its influence.
22/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
Dr. Ion I. JINGA
I believe that the knowledge of the past facilitates the understanding of the present and helps anticipate the future.
There are decisive moments in the evolution of nations, which mark their destiny and remain a landmark for generations to come.
21/01/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
By the end of 2020, a strange information appeared in Bosnian and German media: having made unilateral concessions to the long campaign of Russia to put an end to the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany now wants to overthrow the current High Representative, Valentin Inzko, and bring the OHR under control of its own man, Christian Schmidt.
15/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Various
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaving the European Union and Euratom represents a major challenge to the EU and its Member States, and has complex economic, financial, social and political implications for the entire Community acquis. The United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, the success of Eurosceptic and populist discourse, the radicalization of public opinion, as well as the persisting differences in the developmental trajectories of EU countries highlight the need to (re-)think the European project in order to provide Member States with a common sense of direction.
15/01/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
Professor Dr. Christian KAUNERT
UK leaving the European Union takes place in an increasingly complex and challenging international context, and to make things even more complicated the bilateral negotiations meant to deliver an agreement by the end of this year are stalling. The good news is that the outcome of the presidential elections in the USA promises to be beneficial to the transatlantic relationship on the whole and to (eventually) contribute to the UK-EU relationship being repaired.
24/12/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
Dr. Alexandru GHIŞA
More than 100 years since the Great War (1914-1918) and 75 years since World War II (1939-1945), the traumas that the Romanians and the Hungarians alike have been through during this period are still present in the collective mindset of both nations.
02/12/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
If anyone needed remembering that the US is still the world’s leading superpower, Election Night proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Not because it constituted a grand, majestic projection of power and international aplomb.
28/11/2020 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
Dr. Ion I. JINGA
Each year since the fall of the Communist regime, on December 1st Romanians celebrate their National Day. On December 1st, 1918, at the end of the First World War, Romanians in Transylvania - representing the absolute majority of population in this province - decided to unite with Romania. This was the completion of The Great Union.
26/11/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
Dr. Ion I. JINGA
76 years ago, on 25 October 1944, the Romanian Army liberated the town of Carei in the North-West of the country. This was the final step in the complete liberation of North-West Transylvania from the foreign occupation imposed on Romania through the outrageous Vienna Diktat in 1940, arbitrated by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.
26/10/2020 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
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