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Geostrategic Pulse is an independent journal published in Romanian and English. The range of domains and topics covered by the publication is both wide and permanently connected to the main regional and international evolutions.

Our publication is meant to be a valuable tool for policy makers, scholars, national security and defence experts, diplomats, defence industry representatives, and all interested parties.

Geostrategic Pulse benefits from the constant, or special contribution of established authors, as well as dedicated scholars with a proven track record in the field. We also welcome and encourage lecturers, diplomats, military experts, and promising post-graduate researchers to publish studies and research papers covering the wide range of domains and topics detailed above.

ISSN: 1844-167X


As a publication specialised on international affairs, the Geostrategic Pulse stands out by its extremely valuable articles, very relevant and up-to-date. They provide both expert information and insights regarding current international phenomena and events. The high professional standard of the magazine comes from its unique staff made of specialists with high level practical expertise in the field of international affairs.

Reading the Geostrategic Pulse can provide a deep understanding of the crises in the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Caucasus, of Turkey’s foreign policy, major events in the extended Black Sea region, the issues regarding the security of the energy resources, the latest developments in the fields of intelligence, world security and military technology, as well as the geopolitical game of both major powers and regional actors.

Among academic experts, the Geostrategic Pulse is an extremely useful reading that is used in teaching, as well as dedicated papers. The fact that it is studied at Harvard and its partnership with “Petru Maior” University in Targu-Mures are proof of its value among the academia. The Geostrategic Pulse is a must for economists and policymakers who want to increase their professional expertise on international affairs.

Senior Lecturer PHD Simion COSTEA,
Vice-Dean, "Jean Monnet Professor"
The Geostrategic Pulse is a source of processed information. The facts are well documented and the comments add extra value for policymakers. The expertise on the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Black Sea region is excellent.

Dieter Farwick - Senior Vice President
World Security Network Foundation
Brig Gen (ret.)
Former Force Commander and Chief Operations at NATO HQ
The Geostrategic Pulse is an example of perseverance, modesty and thoroughness in the Romanian media. It is a subtle combination between solid expertise and the ability to effectively deliver a clear and important message to Romania, a message that everyone can understand.

Its professional recognition today shows that the Geostrategic Pulse feels the pulse of the largest and most important Romanian projects.

Manager of the Institute for Political Science and International Relations ”Ion I. C. Bratianu” - Romanian Academy