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About Ingepo Consulting

Ingepo Consulting is a private initiative and business venture established in 2006, providing policy expertise on security strategies to private entities, organisations or institutions. Ingepo is not politically affiliated and is not financially sponsored by domestic or foreign public institutions.

First of all, our initiative aims to develop a forum of analysis offering timely insights on current geostrategic issues of interest for formulating national and international security policies. Since March 2007, Ingepo has been editing and publishing the Geostrategic Pulse, as a valuable tool of research for policy makers, scholars, national security and defence experts, diplomats, and to all interested parties.

Ingepo is advantageously positioned to benefit from the contribution of both established authors and dedicated scholars with a proven track record in the field. As part of its public mission, Ingepo Consulting encourages lecturers, diplomats, military experts, and promising post-graduate researchers to publish studies and research papers covering the wide range of domains and topics detailed below.

Geostrategic Pulse is an independent journal published in Romanian and English. Our publication addresses a wide range of regional and global security studies covering: the International Geostrategic Situation; Areas of Conflict and Active, or Protracted Regional Conflicts; Middle East; Central Asia; Extended Black Sea Region; Great Power Competition; Globalization; Economic and Financial Crises; Energy Security; Cybersecurity; Extremism and Terrorism; European Security and Defence; Euro-Atlantic Security; Defence Industry and Trade with Military and Related Equipment.

Secondly, Ingepo pays special attention to the increasingly complex interrelationships of military, political and diplomatic policies relevant to regional security, providing specialized services, such as:
- commissioned studies focusing on security and defence related aspects;
- analyses and prognoses on evolutions in specific areas, countries or markets.

Thirdly, Ingepo aims to offer a platform for national officials, policy makers, and so on to gather and exchange ideas, explore seminal issues and achieve a greater understanding of the challenges that influence both European and global security. More precisely, our plans include organizing, in collaboration with domestic, regional, and international think-tanks and research organizations, conferences dedicated to: promoting and developing partnerships and professional relationships; interaction between experts on national security; and, last but not least, building a scientific platform for those interested in sharing their research and experiences on the wide-ranging domain of international relations and security studies.

Finally, Ingepo’s focus is not solely limited to research in security and defence. Research and development, as well as manufacturing companies are welcome to promote their services and products, as well as publish articles on new technologies and equipment targeting local and regional markets.

We would like to assure our contributors and visitors that their suggestions to improve this site and our business will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!