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About the Geostrategic Pulse

The “Geostrategic Pulse” magazine was first printed in March 2007. It is a bilingual publication – Romanian and English – that aims to be unbiased and objective. It addresses topics regarding the geopolitical and geostrategic international environment. Throughout its existence it went through a series of changes, due to the need to adapt constantly, without diverting from its main purpose, which is to inform.

The “Geostrategic Pulse” magazine, through its concept and activity, means to deliver expert, independent and objective opinions with respect to the evolution of diverse geopolitical and geostrategic issues. Its content aims to be attractive and useful to all interested parties, whether people or organisations.

The magazine collaborates with various think-tanks and institutions that are active in these fields, as well as with academia. Moreover, it is relentless in establishing and developing relations and partnerships with different entities, experts and scholars, as well as promoting interaction and knowledge-sharing.

The people behind the publication also provide consulting services on specific matters, whenever its clients need, such as:
- commissioned studies focusing on geostrategy, geo-economics, geopolitics and security;
- analyses and prognoses on evolutions in specific national, regional and global areas.

The “Geostrategic Pulse” magazine sets out to deliver expert analyses and prognoses, well documented and substantial, that tackle current issues and focus on various regions of interest.

Our collaborators can provide, upon request, analyses, overviews, and research papers on the above-mentioned issues.

If you wish to make your works known, take advantage of the opportunities provided by our magazine, and publish. You can contact us and send your works over, that is those you believe fit our profile. We can assure you that they will have our undivided attention.