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Popular narratives on Russia's geopolitical interests in the Balkans point to two rather divergent directions. Facts on the ground, however, do not support either.
27/02/2021 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics
Constantin IACOBIŢĂ
From the Editor
21/02/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Geopolitics
Vladimir SOCOR
The President and the Government of Ukraine are preparing to host a summit of heads of state and government, aiming to mobilize a more effective international response to Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine.
17/02/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
Christopher M. DAVIDSON
With a new US presidency, an increasingly assertive Saudi crown prince, unprecedented Arab-Israeli peace agreements, and a particularly complex Saudi-Iran dynamic, British author Christopher Davidson shares his views on the current and future state of Middle East politics in the interview offered to Geostrategic Pulse magazine.
16/02/2021 Free Readings Region: Central Asia Topic: Asymmetrical Threats
There are plenty of lessons to be learned from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the heavy financial burden it is likely to put on all EU Member States, but one stands out: European defence cooperation in general, and collaborative capability development in particular, are now more indispensable and urgent than ever before.
15/02/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
The Dayton Peace Accords is commonly perceived as an American political project. The partition of Bosnia is interpreted as a concept that emerged for the first time during the negotiations in Dayton, and its authorship is ascribed to the American negotiator, Richard Holbrooke. However, the history of Bosnia's partition clearly demonstrates that this concept has persistently been promoted by the European Community, and then by the European Union, from the Lisbon Conference to the present day.
11/02/2021 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Conflicts
Professor Dr. Zlatko Hadžidedić - the founder and director of the Center for Nationalism Studies in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina - shared from his insight on nationalism as an ideology and its implementation in the Balkans, in the interview below.
25/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics
Monika Hohlmeier
Faced with new challenge represented by the need to manage the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing pressure of the Eurosceptic populist movements, the European Union was forced to provide both an immediate response, which could reflect the ability of the Member States to act according to the principle of solidarity and a medium term solution as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for the years 2021 to 2027, a solution reflecting the vision of the 27 member states on the future of the European construct.
22/01/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
The present synthesis highlights a number of new features of the international relations system and reveals restrictive measures taken by both developed and developing/emerging countries in the field of foreign direct investment , before the COVID-19 pandemic and also under its influence.
22/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Global Topic: Various
Dr. Ion I. JINGA
I believe that the knowledge of the past facilitates the understanding of the present and helps anticipate the future.
There are decisive moments in the evolution of nations, which mark their destiny and remain a landmark for generations to come.
21/01/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Various
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