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Professor Selçuk COLAKOĞLU
While Ankara’s relations with the West have soured in recent years, its relations with Moscow have come to a more stable footing. Nonetheless, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may cause Turkey to reassess its adversarial approach to old Western partners.
12/04/2022 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
Valentin Preda
The Romanian Business Exchange organized on September 23rd 2021, at Radisson Blu Bucharest, the 5th edition of the Diplomacy360 International Conference. The theme of this edition was “Security and Prosperity at the Black Sea”.
01/10/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
The impact the AKP Party had over Turkey when it took over power is seen in this country's foreign policy. The decisions taken by the political party were significant, when it came to foreign relations, especially those involving major international players, such as the USA, Russia, the UN, NATO and the EU.
11/08/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Various
Major General (ret) Volodymyr HAVRYLOV
The Russian military buildup along the Ukrainian border in March - May 2021 was another reminder of Ukraine’s urgent need to reform its defense and security sector.
04/06/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Military
Vladimir SOCOR
Within the last three weeks, a series of decisions by leading Western powers seem to indicate a downgrading of Ukraine on the scale of Western policy priorities. These decisions risk demotivating Ukrainian reform efforts and eroding Western credibility in Ukraine.
02/06/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
Professor Selçuk COLAKOĞLU
The multitude and diversity of the new military conflicts that have captured the international scene in recent years have produced strong reverberations over the way Turkey foreign policy has been built. In an unstable geopolitical context, with increasingly strong and visible tensions in the international arena, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s election as President of the Republic of Turkey was a turning point, offering new meanings to the security strategy.
30/05/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Various
Vladimir SOCOR
Developing a full-fledged US-Ukraine strategic partnership under the Biden administration would presuppose continuity with those policies on military assistance and energy security. It also presupposes Washington’s return to mentoring and supporting Ukraine in the diplomatic negotiations aimed at ending Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territories.
11/05/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
Major General (ret) Volodymyr HAVRYLOV
A gradual build-up of Russian military on the North-East, East and South borders with Ukraine began at the beginning of March 2021.
The Ukrainian military consider two possible scenarios for the current Russian military activity:
- A demonstration of force as a warning to Ukraine not to try to liberate the occupied territories by force.
- An escalation of hostilities in the East of Ukraine followed by Russian attempts to expand the area of occupation.
16/04/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Conflicts
Vladimir SOCOR
The President and the Government of Ukraine are preparing to host a summit of heads of state and government, aiming to mobilize a more effective international response to Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine.
17/02/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
Dr. Angela GRĂMADĂ
Following the important victory of Maia Sandu against Igor Dodon in the runoff of the presidential elections on the November 12, 2020 the mandate of the president-elect faces major challenges, both domestic and foreign. Moldovan citizens and the Western partners of the Republic of Moldova expect the new administration to adopt sustainable reforms, combat corruption, develop the economy, recalibrate the relation with the Russian Federation, and, at the same time, intensify the democratisation and Europeanisation process.
17/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: Geopolitics
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