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Professor Dr. Zlatko Hadžidedić - the founder and director of the Center for Nationalism Studies in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina - shared from his insight on nationalism as an ideology and its implementation in the Balkans, in the interview below.
25/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics
By the end of 2020, a strange information appeared in Bosnian and German media: having made unilateral concessions to the long campaign of Russia to put an end to the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany now wants to overthrow the current High Representative, Valentin Inzko, and bring the OHR under control of its own man, Christian Schmidt.
15/01/2021 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Various
Jelena MILIĆ
According to recent research, 65 per cent of Serbian citizens support the strengthening of co-operation between Serbia and the United States in the fields of security, defence and economy.
03/09/2020 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics
Roxana ALLEN
One hundred and eighteen years ago, the First Balkan War started initiating an unstoppable spiral of events leading to the Second Balkan War, Balkan Crisis and the global World War I. What are the key lessons to be drawn from how the small Balkan states were able to drag the more powerful states into their ethnic conflicts? What are the principal unintended consequences of the influence of the Great Powers in the Balkans? And how can this provide an example of why NATO plays a crucial role in arresting the ripple effect of ethnic conflicts?
16/07/2020 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics
Jelena MILIĆ
Serbia is not seeking to replace the West as its principal partner, and no amount of Chinese coronavirus aid is going to change that.
11/04/2020 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics
Alexandru PETRESCU
The Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Kosovo”, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and, sometimes, Croatia and Slovenia) is an area in Europe which tries (or so it says) to share European values and join the great “European family” represented by the EU, but it faces a series of challenges. This is not a first; just like the Balkans, the area of the Western Balkans is somewhat particular, an area which knew how to test the entire world, and not just once.
28/03/2020 Free Readings Region: Western Balkans Topic: Geopolitics