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There are plenty of lessons to be learned from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the heavy financial burden it is likely to put on all EU Member States, but one stands out: European defence cooperation in general, and collaborative capability development in particular, are now more indispensable and urgent than ever before.
15/02/2021 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
After the European Council meeting last week it could be said that the European Union (EU) is going through a difficult period.
The course of Brexit is indefinite and the rise of France through attempts by its president to lead the European scene confirm that the union is shaken, with the coming year decisive for its future.
18/12/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
In an unstable geopolitical context, with increasingly strong and visible tensions on the international arena, the European Union’s reform process places particular emphasis on the Black Sea area.
07/11/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
Siegfried MUREȘAN
Faced with the new challenge represented by the need to manage the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing pressure of the Eurosceptic populist movements, the European Union was forced to provide both an immediate response, which could reflect the ability of the Member States to act according to the principle of solidarity and a medium term solution as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for the years 2021 to 2027, a solution reflecting the vision of the 27 member states on the future of the European construct.
18/08/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
The multitude of cleavages that have become increasingly apparent across the European space in recent years underscores the need for a paradigm shift in the way that the European Union relates to its citizens. The United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, the success of Eurosceptic and populist discourse, the radicalization of public opinion, as well as the persisting differences in the developmental trajectories of EU countries highlight the need to (re-)think the European project in order to provide member states with a common sense of direction.
14/07/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
The coordinated response of the EU to the multiple threats and crises came in support of the member states that were significantly affected and confronted with domestic tensions and turmoil. Solidarity and cohesion were the strongest tools that the EU used to establish a common approach at the level of the European bloc, an action that was also a real challenge regarding reaching a mutual understanding. The difficulty of reaching common ground, agreed upon by all member states, delayed the EU’s reaction most of the time. The COVID-19 pandemic represents a new turning point in the history of the EU, in a political, economic and social context, where it is absolutely necessary to take actions that are mainly aimed at strengthening the concepts of solidarity and cohesion at the European level.
06/07/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a series of threats to the resilience of the European bloc at an extremely rapid pace, forcing it to adapt, equally rapidly, to the new challenges. The economic, social and political crisis could therefore be seen as a defining moment that puts to test the European solidarity and cohesion.
25/06/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
Mihnea MOTOC
In an unstable geopolitical environment, where the international landscape is marked by growing tensions, the reformation process of the European Union after Brexit cannot ignore the way the Member States seek to relate themselves to the security and defence dimension.
27/03/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
Dr. Sergiu MIȘCOIU
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaving the European Union and Euratom represents a major challenge to the EU member states and has complex economic, financial, social and political implications for the entire Community acquis.
Sergiu Mişcoiu, professor at the Faculty of European Studies, Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, offers us an overall picture regarding the perspectives and challenges related to the protection of the EU’s identity in the post-Brexit context, in the interview given to Vladimir Adrian Costea for the Geostrategic Pulse magazine.
23/03/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
Twice in the last decade, Orwell’s seminal dystopia 1984 topped best-sellers list. In 2013, after Edward Snowden leaked revelations about the NSA’s widespread surveillance operations, 1984 sales rose dramatically amid an explosion of references to the book’s totalitarian, tentacular entity, the “Big Brother” . It spiked again, by more than 9500%, in late 2017, when a White House aide casually evoked the existence of “alternative facts” when faced with her own previous erroneous statements.
15/03/2020 Free Readings Region: European Union Topic: Geopolitics
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