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Roxana ALLEN
Creating conditions for peace, NATO becomes an unlikely catalyst for women’s inclusion in the Afghan peace talks. As the intra-Afghan peace negotiation first term draws to a rejuvenation, Afghan women should take stock of the post-war aftermath and apply lessons learned from the Suffragettes one hundred years ago.
10/08/2020 Free Readings Region: International Organizations Topic: NATO
Brigadier General (ret) Mircea MÎNDRESCU
Quo vadis NATO? An equally natural, suitable and, at the same time, difficult question. Natural, because one of the golden rules of managing any organization is the one which imposes the permanent monitoring of its standing, status, and direction of evolution. Suitable, since the organization just celebrated 70 years since the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty, and difficult because we are living interesting times both outside NATO as well as inside the Alliance.
30/12/2019 Free Readings Region: International Organizations Topic: NATO
Dr. Eugene KOGAN
Turkey-NATO relations have a history of challenges more or less since Turkey’s accession to NATO in 1952. Strained relations between Turkey and NATO have begun long before Turkey’s alleged failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016. However, the failed coup attempt increased tensions further and it is fair to assume that these tense relations are likely to continue. At the same time, Turkey-NATO relations are constrained by a not yet amended North Atlantic Treaty of 4 April 1949. As long as the treaty remains not updated very little can be done to change the nature of Turkey-NATO relations.
02/12/2019 Free Readings Region: Black Sea Topic: NATO
Associate Professor CEng PhD Gheorghe SAVU
The significance of the transatlantic link in the architecture of the European security has been, over the years, a subject for debate for both the member states and the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament. As in most cases, when important aspects regarding European defence and security are debated at the level of the European Union, opinions differ - from completely supporting the transatlantic link, to ensuring European security by its member states alone, by means of the Common Security and Defence Policy. These debates are the more relevant nowadays, when the European Union is more determined than ever in its evolution to build a security and defence profile that depicts the institution as guarantor of European security.
20/10/2019 Free Readings Region: International Organizations Topic: NATO
Associate Professor CEng PhD Gheorghe SAVU
As mentioned in the previous article - The Transatlantic Link - Current and Future Significance Part 1 – Challenges and Opportunities (Geostrategic Pulse, no. 274/May-June 2019), the author continues his view on the transatlantic link focusing on NATO’s role in European defence.
19/06/2019 Free Readings Region: International Organizations Topic: NATO
Associate Professor CEng PhD Gheorghe SAVU
The transatlantic link is a complex and dynamic concept that covers all aspects of the relations between North America and Europe: military, security, political, economic, social etc. Practically, every component of what we call international relations finds itself in the transatlantic link. This is the reason why this concept can only be understood if analyzed thoroughly, while focusing on all aspects involving the security and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area (often called the transatlantic region), as well as on the contribution of the transatlantic community to international peace and security.
01/06/2019 Free Readings Region: International Organizations Topic: NATO