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Leadership and Trust
From the Editor

Constantin IACOBIŢĂ

21/04/2020 Region: Global Topic: Various

The rows below are meant to re-emphasize things that have already been said repeatedly and in different forms, out of the need to strengthen ourselves against the threats we are facing and that will most probably leave deep marks on our conscience, way of life and future.

Based on the proverb which says that nations and the society as a whole have the leaders they deserve, I would like to propose an addition: leaders are not only representative, they are also perfectible.

How precisely?

- By reminding our leaders, that when we offered them our vote and trust we found ourselves – even if only in part – in what we sensed from them.

            - By realizing that tough times and challenges allow, or make us prove our qualities – be them inherited or shaped and developed, and that these qualities should serve the common good – of our society, not that of an ideology, a social class or an individual.

            - By acknowledging – when the case, or by admitting – even if only to their own conscience, that leadership comes with great responsibility. The responsibility of being a true model (of competence, honesty, respect, humanity) and not forgetting that they (the leaders) will be remembered in history as they were and not as they wanted to be and/or attempted to portray themselves.

The above would entail the leaders:

- To acknowledge their own limitations – personal, or even leadership related – and, consequently, attract – based mainly on competence, respect and mutual trust – relevant experts, who would be empowered and employed within these parameters.

- Not to forget that leaders and nations cannot face alone challenges to the entire humankind and that in such crises the success of everyone will be the true measure of individual success.

- To realize, time and time again that people are more than a resource, or a means for the leaders to getting ahead, as well as to ensuring common, or individual welfare. Namely, that people are the reason and purpose of our existence.

As for each of those helping the few to become leaders, and sometimes maintain their positions, they can contribute to the success of leadership process as follows:

- Firstly, by trusting. Trusting the choices that they have made, the leaders’ qualities and their potential for development. Trusting that the leaders will remain dedicated to the ideas and principles they had been upholding, and trusting that any challenge can be overcome by working together.

- By showing courage and responsibility in reminding the leaders all of the above, when convinced they have been forgotten or ignored.

- By being really willing to see themselves in the place of leaders whose actions they disprove and criticize without knowing their circumstance, motivation and details.

- Ultimately, by acknowledging the fact that they retain the leadership and responsibility of their own existence.

Moreover, by being a model (of competence, honesty, respect, humanity) to themselves, they could contribute to the success of the leadership of the society.